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It should come as a surprise to nobody that one of Sin City’s most lavished resorts would also be the home of one of the city’s most talked about nightclubs. Within the extravagant walls of the Encore Hotel and Resort lies a venue that encompasses everything that is right about the Las Vegas nightlife. For a club with such a small name, XS certainly offers a large package that includes music, alcohol, and one of the best nights of your life.

The name XS comes at a cost. You don’t get it by skimping on minor details or by offering the absolute minimum – you get it by being over the top, something that the Encore is certainly known for doing. The first thing you’re bound to notice as you walk into XS is the abundance of gold plating spread throughout. Almost acting as a welcoming mat, the entrance to the venue is lined with several gold-plated nude statues of some of the club’s current and previous women. From the main entrance, guests will be delighted with a 10-foot rotating chandelier hanging over the main dance floor – of course, plated in gold. If this isn’t a sign of what’s to come, then surely there isn’t one.

While they are typically reserved for guests with the heaviest wallet, the VIP booths are a visual treat for anyone able to catch a glimpse. Rather then follow in the usual plush leather in some funky color, the VIP booths at XS Nightclub are decorated in a gold embossed crocodile skin. Despite how uncomfortable this may sound, everything is done in such a way that guarantees comfort is not sacrificed for style.

In the way of music, XS Nightclub is home to only the highest rated artists, which include the likes of the critically acclaimed Deadmau5. These DJs work their tune spinning magic to ensure that the expansive 1,100 sq-ft dance floor is also packed as tight as possible. With such a large space utilized just for dancing, it is quite impressive that it always has a packed floor.

Unlike other clubs that mix their pool club and nightclub venues, Club XS actually allows nighttime usage of their resort pool area when the summer is in full swing. Additional seating comes in the form of 26 luxury cabanas, and every Sunday night during the summer the outdoor area turns into an exciting pool party.

There is far more to explore then meets the eye, though. This club offers a signature beverage, known as the Ono, that prices out at an astounding $10,000. More then just an alcoholic beverage, this cognac and champagne mix also comes with a pair of sterling silver cufflinks and an 18K white-gold chain brandishing a pearl logo.

Now that you get the sense of what it took to put together the lavished XS nightclub, do you think you have what it takes to fully enjoy the experience?

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