Vegas Strip Clubs

Las Vegas Strip Clubs

Las Vegas has one of the largest groups of strip clubs in America, and possibly the best selection. Inside the Vegas strip clubs; you will find classic stripper poles where beautiful women will put on a show for paying guests. Many of the girls will walk around and converse with the customers, and perhaps have a drink with them. While alcohol is typically more expensive at a strip club compared to a normal bar, the atmosphere is well worth the extra money.

Nude or Topless Dancing

A majority of the strip clubs in Sin City feature topless entertainment only. Several of the older gentleman’s clubs in Vegas still provide all-nude entertainment, although these places are forbidden to serve alcohol. The exception is the Palomino Club, located in downtown Las Vegas. This all-nude club serves alcoholic beverages. Many of the topless clubs are very classy and feature very attractive women.

Top 5 Gentlemens’ Clubs

  1. Spearmint Rhino: The legend, the best, no other place is this club’s league.
  2. Sapphire: Local’s favorite, possess the friendliest girls in town and lastly its our favorite too.
  3. Treasures: Its a large size strip club, VIP rooms are amazing, weekends are crowded. So go here during the weekdays and get all the attention!
  4. Crazy Horse III: This club had more lawsuits than the president Trump, they got shut down for beating up clients, illegal activities and yet still alive under new management.
  5. Hustler: Larry Flynt’s Club opened a few years ago far away from the strip, but managed to survive by throwing after hour parties and running legit business.

Lap Dances

The cost of a lap dance can greatly vary at a strip club in Las Vegas. Lap dances can cost as low as $20 plus a tip and last as long as one song. If you decide to get a lap dance from one of the dancers, but remember the “look, but never touch” rule. Make the dancer feel more comfortable by leaving your hands down and to the side. Lap dances can also be performed in the VIP room, but the cost is often much more. Remember to always ask about the price before agreeing to a VIP lap dance.

Entry Fee

Many strip clubs charge a fee as you arrive during the evening or night. Again, this charge can vary depending on the night club, but often ranges in the $20 to $40 range. If you arrive to the strip club as a group, the entry fee can often be negotiated. Las Vegas cab drivers typically get paid to bring customers back to the strip club, known as a so-called kickback. If you plan to get a ride to the club from a taxi driver, there is no harm asking for a free ride, as well as free entry into the strip club.


When you google about strip clubs or packages, you will face with million websites selling free strip club packages but here is the truth: Strip clubs pay up to limo drivers, taxi drivers and these PO Box fake companies ton of kick back, they claim your entire entry fee of 40+ dollars and commission on top if you buy more. These fake businesses also advertise free limo pick-up, this is also false advertisement; They use club’s free bus and call it a limo, you get to wait up to an hour and share your ride with 20 other dudes.

So what you need to do? Luckily there are couple of legit companies like offer strip clubs packages that includes their own VIP party bus, SUV Hummer or your preferred vehicle tthat takes to venue along with a personal host, you will have a table to hang out and feel great not getting ripped off.


• When visiting Las Vegas strip clubs, never bring more money than what you are willing to spend. Dancers and waitresses are excellent at getting customers to spend a lot of money at their club.
• Make sure to read Gentlemens’ club guide of Bachelor Vegas; Its the comprehensive coverage of each club and their reviews and ratings.
• If you want to get the most from your VIP experience, it’s ideal to tell them how much money you have and ask what it can get you. That way, they are not bringing you services that you don’t really want, such as alcohol.
• If you are looking for more individual attention from the dancers, it’s best to visit the strip club during the week and in the early evening. The weekends are usually much busier and there are fewer girls per customer available.
• Always dress sharp when visiting a strip club. It is typically recommended that a man wears a shirt with a collar. His shirt should be neatly tucked into his trousers. A nice outfit is an excellent way to receive quality service.
• Just like any other service in Las Vegas, it’s important to tip the dancers and waitresses. If you enjoy a show performed by a certain dancer, it may be nice to tip her. It’s clearly mandatory to tip a dancer if you sit in the front row.



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