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As you walk through the main doors of the lavished Venetian Hotel and Casino on any given night, you’re eyes may come across what seems like an odd sight – A line of well dressed individuals bursting from what looks like a dark, indoor cave. From basic dress shirts to the shortest skirts imaginable, this herd of glamourous individuals are all vying for the same thing: a spot inside the Venetian’s much talked about TAO nightclub.

If you’re one of the many lucky individuals to make it past TAO’s well guarded front entrance, your eyes are in for a visual treat. A walk through the main entrance pits you passing by a selection of succulent beauties “bathing” within a bathtub filled with flowers. If this isn’t the greatest invitation ever, then who knows what is. If your eyes haven’t experienced a sensory overload yet, just wait till you hit the club floor. Not only is the room going to be chock full of some of the most gorgeous people one could find in a city, TAO’s sense of decor seems more fitting for a high end hotel or luxury spa.

Looking past the decor – because, really, who goes to a club for the visuals – the club  is the perfect example of a location that breaks the boundaries between being just “another nightclub” to being a full on experience. The soundtrack to your night at TAO will be provided by the clubs high-energy resident DJ, DJ Vice. The one thing that this club does fairly typically is the music – you won’t hear much you wouldn’t hear at another club, but the energy is so high that you probably wouldn’t even notice anyway. A nightclub wouldn’t be as such without the ability to drink yourself silly, and TAO is no different. Top shelf liquors, premium bottle services, and the finest beers make the bars one of the club’s main attractions.

If you’re in Vegas hoping to catch one of those common celebrity sightings, being in inside the nightclub increases those odds quite a bit. From the day it opened, the Venetian-based nightclub has been the stomping grounds of celebutants and celebrities alike, attracting such names as Paris Hilton, Pamela Anderson, and more reality TV stars then you could imagine. It is hard to pin point what separates TAO from other mainstream nightclubs, but chances are the extremely high energy probably has plenty to do with the club’s attraction

It is far from a secret that there are plenty of nightclubs to choose from on any given night in Las Vegas, but few are as inviting and as entertaining as the Venetian’s TAO. It is easy to be swayed by the long line waiting outside the club’s main entrance, but the wait is far more then worth it. You may have heard the name before and seen the billboard signs along the freeway, but until you walk through the doors of TAO, you have yet to experience Vegas at its finest.

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