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In Las Vegas, there are few things that deserve to carry the title of “Omnia”. The women are certainly not pure. The alcohol, though it may be pure, will not make you feel as such. So, if nothing in Vegas is truly “pure”, then how did it come to be that the Angel Management Group was able to name the Caesar’s Palace based nightclub after a word that literally means untainted? Once you step through the doors of Omnia- one of Vegas’ hottest nightclubs – it is clear to see how the nightclub got its name.

Caesar’s Palace, in a whole, is overly extravagant. Roman statues line the hotel and casino halls while the establishments exterior looks akin to a Roman colosseum. It should come as no surprise then that any venue gracing the halls of Caesar’s Palace would follow in the same extravagance. Omnia nightclub takes that extravagance and embellishes it in the purest of colors – white. The moment you walk through the nightclub’s doors, your eyes will be treated to a festival of white walls, accents, and decor – all giving off an ambiance that some would find heavenly.

Omnia Nightclub is most certainly not an iteration of Heaven, though, as everything about it still carries that Las Vegas undertone. Once inside Omnia’s doors, after your eyes have adjusted to the overall brightness, you’ll be greeted by the usual large crowd that graces the space between the club’s two main bars. If you’re one to mingle, this would be the best place to start as the endless sea of bodies forces closeness between anyone attempting conversation.

If you would like to attempt a true conversation without the hassle of screaming over your fellow club-goers, the nightclub houses the Red Room which acts as a quieter extension of the main club area. Here you’ll be able to enjoy a pleasant conversation without feeling too detached from the large party taking place in the next room.

For those looking to impress or just trying to stray away from the crowded dance floor, the venue is home to a decent array of VIP tables and booths that stretch throughout the club. Due to the club’s popularity, though, you’ll need to plan ahead of time if you’d even like to consider making one of these VIP areas your home for the night, though. VIP areas overlook the on-going party and keep you in close proximity to a much needed bar.

Since the desert air is typically clean, crisp, and refreshing, it’s recommended that you try to move your party out onto Omnia Nightclub’s outdoor patio. With exquisite views of the Las Vegas Strip, your time on the patio will be complimented by the inclusion of a separate bar, DJ, dance floor, and VIP seating.

If you’re wondering what the concept of it looks like in a city so impure it carries the description of “sin”, then you should find yourself within Caesar’s Palace, awaiting your entrance to the nightclub.

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