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Despite what can be seen on the movies, Las Vegas is not full of men in James Bond style tuxedos and women in dresses. Although there are many places that do have a strict dress code, Las Vegas is for the most part a very casual town. Most of the showrooms, casinos and attractions allow you in as you are, dressed as you would dress normally and comfortably. Most people, tourists especially, will choose to dress up when they come to Vegas, especially for a night on the town. This results in two extremes where you might see one couple in a nice suit and dress next to a couple in shorts and flip flops at the same restaurant!

Generally speaking however, a nice casual dress sense is the way to go in Vegas. A nice pair of jeans with a button up shirt casual style always blends in quite well with others, ensuring you don’t make too much of an effort but don’t look like you don’t belong in Vegas at the same time. One extreme or the other may leave you feeling out of place!

The one main exception to this rule are Las Vegas Nightclubs. The nightclubs in Las Vegas are notoriously strict on what you can and cannot wear. They vary greatly depending on what club you are in, but generally, no shorts, sandals, flip flops or baseball caps will be allowed. A nice pair of jeans and a shirt may get you through the door but putting in that little extra bit of effort may get you in quicker and with less frowning!

This is not always popular with tourists, especially if it is as hot as Las Vegas can get, a tux is the last place you want to be in that heat! But try to remember, mostly all places are heavily air conditioned (you know the type when it actually feels cold!) so bear that in mind when choosing your dress code. Although you might be boiling outside, when you get inside you may be wishing you had that dinner jacket on! Think light layers and you should be okay.

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