Vegas Strip Clubs

Las Vegas Strip Clubs

Nude or Topless Dancing

Lap Dances

Entry Fee

Vegas Strip Club Guidelines

• If you want to get the most from your VIP experience, it’s ideal to tell them how much money you have and ask what it can get you. That way, they are not bringing you services that you don’t really want, such as alcohol.
• If you are looking for more individual attention from the dancers, it’s best to visit the strip club during the week and in the early evening. The weekends are usually much busier and there are fewer girls per customer available.
• Always dress sharp when visiting a strip club. It is typically recommended that a man wears a shirt with a collar. His shirt should be neatly tucked into his trousers. A nice outfit is an excellent way to receive quality service.
• Just like any other service in Las Vegas, it’s important to tip the dancers and waitresses. If you enjoy a show performed by a certain dancer, it may be nice to tip her. It’s clearly mandatory to tip a dancer if you sit in the front row.

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