Bachelorette Party

bachelorette party

Common thought has it that a girl’s wedding is the most important day of her life. In the city of Las Vegas, common thought takes a backseat to blind, drunken interpretation; and it is this drunkenness that puts the bachelorette party a step ahead of the actual wedding day itself. Known as the last night of single freedom, the bachelorette party is seen as the bride-to-be’s last chance to fully enjoy ever facet of Sin City without the looming gaze of man making her feel guilty about her choices. With few restrictions on the night, a Las Vegas bachelorette party could make for some wild tales the morning (rather, afternoon) after.

Riding in Style

Being the lady of the hour, the bachelorette should get the ability to fully enjoy every facet of her evening, including thetransportation. Though the Strip is small enough to warrant walking or calling a taxi, neither option is all too glorious. Rather, the head hen should be able to pull up to the event’s venue housed in the comfort and extravagant style of a stretch limousine. The most “girly” of the limousines available is the Pink Stretch SUV, which offers the same high end amenities as any other stretch SUV (such as a surround sound system and on-board mini-bar) just with a hot pink flare.

An Endless Stream of Options

Known for its nightlife, Las Vegas is home to a plethora of partying options. With nightclubs and strip clubs galore, the decision of “where to go” has never been more difficult. No matter which venue is chosen, though, the party will likely be treated like royalty. At many nightclubs, bachelorettes are greeted with free drinks from random nightclub patrons that feel they can sway her from making a “big mistake”.

While most girls can find beauty in the nude female form, some may not find themselves comfortable watching a bunch of toned hotties grooving on the stage of a Las Vegas strip club. For those squeamish ladies, clubs like Sapphire and Olympic Gardens are home to Las Vegas’ hottest male revues. If the group stands out as being a bachelorette party, the soon-to-be-bride may find herself being pulled on stage by one of the shows oiled up gods for an up close and personal show. If a larger stage show is desired, Sin City is also known for The Excalibur’s Thunder from Down Under and the Rio’s Chippendales, two broadway-esque male revues with production values that rival many of Sin City’s performances.

As a little gift to the future groom, the party can also participate in what’s known as “Stripper 101” classes. At these brief instructions, girls will get the chance to learn some of the most prolific stripper moves involving the coveted stripper pole. If the bachelorette can take away even just one or two of these moves, her man will be in for a wedding night treat.

There is plenty going on in Vegas that the concept of “boring” is null and nonexistent within the city limits. No matter the tastes of the bachelorette, there is some form of entertainment to keep her pleased throughout the entirety of the night. From relaxing spas to heart racing strip shows, Las Vegas truly does have something for everyone. Ready to book your package check out



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