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Situated on the 56th floor of the Palms Casino Resort, Alizé restaurant offers its diners a taste of sophisticated French cuisine in Las Vegas. Elegant, warm décor welcomes guests who are then introduced to the expert culinary creations of Chef de Cuisine Mark Purdy. A fine, varied menu is on offer, with a range of fish, meat and poultry all expertely prepared in typical French fashion. Alizé is managed under the guidance of famed Las Vegas Chef André Rochat, who introduced fine cuisine to Las Vegas over 20 years ago, back when the city enticed gamblers through meal deals rather than delectable dining.

In true French fashion, Alizé casts its bewitchment not just through its fine food, but also through its vast selection of exceptional wines, selected by Sommelier Alain Visinoni.  With its impressive list of 1,800 labels, numbering 8,000 bottles, Alizé is a connoisseur’s delight. Visinoni offers impressive wine pairings that combine with Chef Purdy’s impeccably presented and prepared fine French cuisine to create a memorable dining experience.  Paired with stunning panoramic views of the tantalizing and twinkling allure of Vegas from the restaurant’s building-top location, Alizé conjures up an intoxicating blend of food, wine and atmosphere.

Accessing the Alizé restaurant in Las Vegas can be considered the trickiest part of the night. Guests must navigate their way through the ground floor casino of the Palms Resort and take the elevator to the 56th floor. It is advised that guests park in the smaller car park on the southern side of the hotel rather than the northern side, this makes accessing the restaurant easier. Whichever way you get to the restaurant, most diners agree, the journey is defiantly worth it.

Styled with glossy parquet floors, rich cognac-hued wainscoting, and spacious glass cabinetry, Alizé’s hallway entrance dazzles guests with its lustrous wood paneling and reflected light from cognac and port bottles.  Alizé manager Stavros Georgiou greets guests and escorts them to their tables, where more often than not guests are presented with a table that looks out upon the city and desert landscapes of Las Vegas through wall to ceiling windows.

The tables are elegantly draped with two layers of heavy cream linen that cascade to the floor. Settings feature an oversized, square “placeholder” of antiqued finished black china embellished with a voluptuous flower motif.  Nestled up against the tables are club chairs richly upholstered in two fabrics:  one a lush burgundy velvet and the other a geometric patterned brocade of cream and mauve complementing the burgundy carpet.

Alizé’s main, and only, dining room is rectangular and scattered with tables for two and four with a few for six and one large table for eight.  The room, paneled in gleaming light oak and mellow cherry, is high ceiled and colored a pale blush.  Adorning the walls are graceful lily-shaped sconces and some art nouveau style paintings. While the room is modern, it has a slight art deco feel, perhaps due to the room’s clean lines, recessed ceiling and color palette.  Off center, like another decoration, is the famed wine cellar:  a glass and dark wood framed structure that reveals its treasured inhabitants.  Wafting through the air is light jazz played at a volume suitably low for undisturbed table conversation.

Once seated, servers at the Alizé present menus that offer a wide variety of appetizers and mains to excite the tastebuds. Alizé’s sommelier Alain Visinoni then presents the voluminous wine list. Visinoni assists in pairing wines with dinner and provides suggestions on the chef’s tasting menu. The expert advice provided by Visinoni allows diners to choose the perfect wine to accompany their meal and his kind, warm and polite manner compliments this Las Vegas restaurant.

Highlights from the appetizer menu include the Pan Seared Diver Scallops, the soup de jour, Main Lobster and Fennel Bisque, and Calamari Steak. These dishes are favourites among diners and are expertely prepared, blending delicate flavours to produce food of the highest quality.  The scallops arrive resting on a gracious white china plate rimmed with golden scrollwork on black and edged in terra cotta.  The scallops are prepared to perfection with a crispy textured golden crust leaving with the meat tender yet firm.

The lobster bisque is presented in a translucent creamy white china tureen on a doilied saucer.  The pumpkin-colored bisque is redolent with the heady aroma of rich lobster and fennel and a lusciously creamy concoction of full-bodied lobster flavor with undertones of sherry.

The rack of lamb is also a favourite among diners and is a masterpiece of presentation and preparation.  Arrayed on a gleaming white china platter rimmed with gold scroll on black with terra cotta trim, three chops lay upended on their sides, with filo-packaged shoulder confit and feta cheese interspersed between.  Each chop rests on a truncated mesa of Merquez sausage and potato sandwiched by layers of papery spinach crepe.

Who could resist returning to Alizé, an indulgent culinary escape à la Français? This Las Vegas restaurant has it all, expertly prepared dishes, warm, friendly staff and food to lick your chops at! This restaurant is recommended during your stay in Las Vegas!

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