How to Game a Girl at Vegas Clubs

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How to Game a Girl at Vegas Night Clubs

For some guys, picking up an attractive woman comes easy. For others, fear of rejection and lack of social skills can make talking to girls a nightmare. If you’re the latter, you may be looking for ways to ‘game’ a girl through a series of pick-up artist (PUA) tricks and techniques. Guys like Mystery and Neil Strauss have mastered the art of picking up women through routines that build attraction during a male-female conversation. These techniques becomes very useful at the Las Vegas nihgtclubs. You may have the perfect body, a chiseled face, and expensive threads, but even those things can’t win you the babe of your dreams if you have zero game. Just because you weren’t born a natural PUA, doesn’t mean you can’t learn a few tricks of the trade.

Dress to Impress

This may seem like a given, but many men simply don’t take notice of their appearance. Before you go out, be sure to take a shower, get trimmed or shaved, and smell nice. A first impression is everything, so take care of your body. No need to get ripped, but looking like you’ve never set a foot into a gym won’t help you with the ladies either. Get a haircut, an attractive outfit, and smell good when you go out. Of course each nihgtclub in Vegas have their own dress code anyways, so dress sharp as you may never make it inside the club.

Listen to Her

Just as important as putting yourself out there through a confident approach, it’s important to give her a chance to speak especially in a loud club atmosphere. Ignoring everything she says will put her off pretty fast. Some men fail at listening, as they “hear” rather than really listen to what a woman is saying. Maintain a balance of conversation, with neither party talking too much about themselves. Don’t come off as self-centered and arrogant.

Show Your Confidence

Women love men who are confident, but not overly so. What woman likes a man with self-esteem issues or insecurity? The key is to show her that you have power in a non-arrogant way. This can be challenging but necessary to build her interest in you. Once you have her attention, go for the gold. When you exude confidence, you show her that you don’t “need” anything from her, making her want you even more. Remember, most people want what they can’t have.

PUA Techniques

You’ve watch hundreds of videos and read dozens of articles on how to pick up women at sites like or, but as soon as it comes to crunch time, you’re thinking: “What am I going to say next?” If you try to memorize every pick-up line and PUA routine, you’re bound to fail. Women can tell when you’re overly nervous or simply repeating rehearsed lines. It’s important to stay calm and act natural when trying to pick up women. Keep it simple and formulate your own solutions according to the type of response you’re getting from the girl. It’s amazing how much your confidence will skyrocket once you are able to eliminate those mental blocks caused by social anxiety. Gaming a girl is all about taking the right approach, grabbing her attention, and running with it. Your ultimate goal is to get her intrigued, asking “who are you?” as she becomes interested in learning more about who you are. When you’ve built up enough intrigue, don’t be afraid to make a move, whether verbally or physically. Don’t miss out on your window of opportunity to score with her.

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