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Some cities thrive on the day-to-day business that tourism and the surrounding industrial and urban areas bring in. During the witching hours, though, these bustling cities shut down and cater only to the occasional night owl seeking out some late night indulgences and cheap entertainment. On the opposite end of the spectrum from these cities is a relatively small strip of road that acts as the epicenter of the desert metropolis of Sin City. While what is most popularly known as the focal point for the city of Las Vegas pales in comparison to some of the nations bigger cities, there is no question that when it boils down to 24-hour entertainment, Sin City reigns supreme. With a nightlife matched by no other American city, it’s no surprise that Las Vegas is at the top of the countries hottest tourist destinations. Las Vegas may best be known for its allure to professional and amateur gamblers near and far, but it’s the crammed parties in the countless nightclubs that truly earn the city its reputation as the nightlife capital of the nation. From the extravagantly decorated TAO Nightclub at the Venetian and the Grecian Bathhouse inspired Omnia Nightclub at Caesar’s Palace to lower key, lounge-like establishments like the Bellagio’s Hyde, Vegas houses a varying assortment of nightclubs that caters to an extensive range of personalities. These clubs have grown so popular that, on any given weekend, there are unending lines of “dressed-to-impress” individuals just waiting for their opportunity to experience a taste of those infamous Las Vegas parties. One such establishment whose popularity is evident by the snaking line of waiting individuals is the Cosmopolitan’s Marquee, a newer club in Sin City that has earned its place amongst Las Vegas’ hottest nightclubs. Complimenting the assorted entertainment found within Sin City’s nightclub scene are the strip clubs scattered throughout the city. Much like the themed nightclubs, each strip club is built with specific premises in mind such as the Greco-Roman flair of the Sopphia. It’s not the club’s décor that attracts the crowd though, and in Vegas, the plethora of gorgeous vixens that take the main stage are more than enough to draw the attention of any straight guy in the city. Where most strip clubs cater to a male audience, Las Vegas is home to several establishments that house all-male revues to bring in a more feminine audience. Sapphire and Centerfolds are home to two of the city’s top male performances, and each show contains enough production value to rival any Broadway hit. There is such a range of viable entertainment just within the club scene alone that Las Vegas has quickly become the prime location for destination bachelor parties within the continental United States. With local services such as Surreal Bottle Service cashing in on the stream of tourism by offering bachelor party packages - which guarantee VIP admission to the city’s hottest night and strip clubs, premium bottle service, and top of the line transportation - there is no question as to the importance of the city’s nightlife. If you ever come to find yourself amidst the constantly crowded streets of the Las Vegas Strip, you may find that you’ll instinctively start moving with the crowd to the nearest nightlife hotspot. Whether you’re a “party” kind of person or not, there is something indescribable in the air that just sets the overall mood – and whatever that force may be, it’s kept Las Vegas on top of the nightlife scene.  

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