Hyde Nightclub

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There are few people in the continental United States that wouldn’t jump at the chance of experiencing a little bit of the Italian countryside. Unfortunately, there are few people that can actually afford the trip over to the exotic country to fulfill such a desire. Luckily for them, all that’s required to get a taste of Italy is a trip to the Nevada desert and a visit to the Bellagio’s newest nightclub. Throughout the Italian-theme hotel and casino, touches of Tuscany make subtle appearances, ending gracefully within the walls of Hyde. Outside of the exquisite setting that it provides, one of the more notable differences between Hyde and other Las Vegas nightclubs is its range of uses. Whereas most clubs are closed until the later evening hours, Hyde houses a room known as the Living Room which opens its doors at 5 p.m. to allow for a lengthy cocktail hour prior to the main event. The Living Room is designed to be the embodiment of a classical Tuscan Villa, creating the perfect setting for a round of after-dinner beverages. Amidst the mingling, guests of the Living Room can also experience Bellagio’s pride and joy, the famed Fountains of Bellagio. As the night wears on and the cocktail hour comes to a close, the remainder of Hyde’s workable space opens up and invites Las Vegas’ nightlife crowd. Beyond the Living Room, Hyde also includes the Grand Salon and Tuscan Garden. Utilizing a mix of living topiary, beautiful orchids, and lighter colors, these two areas create an atmosphere of classical Italy. Accentuating the clubs decor are further views of the Fountains of Bellagio, which casts itself as the perfect backdrop to this exquisite club. Aside from offering the atmosphere one would hope to find in classic Tuscany, Hyde is also home to five star amenities that help to create the perfect nightclub experience. An assortment of 40 VIP tables ensure that the most desperate for a seat have someone to call home for the night. The bulk of these VIP tables line the outer rim of the night club and give an incredible view of Bellagio’s fountains. Following the Las Vegas “rulebook for nightclubs”, Hyde also offers a vast assortment of mixed and bottled beverages to ensure not one person goes parched throughout the night. To book your table at the club contact Vegas VIP Services and check out their Hyde bottle deals here. Mixed beverages take on the likes of potions or concoctions under the expertly trained eyes of the clubs mixologists. Don’t be surprised to find a few smoking beverages throughout the club. Not to be outdone by any other venue, the party at Hyde Lounge is fueled by a veritable line-up of some of the city’s hottest DJs and live performances. Despite how sophisticated the club may look, at its heart it is still a successful nightclub that thrives on the party-going crowd of Sin City. What it does differently, though, is play off of its sophistication rather then drown it out in a sea of flashing lights and loud music. Remember, The Bank nightclub is also located at Bellagio, book a club hopper package that gets you VIP access to both clubs.

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